About Us

Welcome to CemiCeri!!

We are a young contemporary manufacturer established in 2007.Our company is one of the fastest growing young contemporary lines in the fashion industry. CemiCeri offers both flattering and stylish look while naturally comfortable. We deliver individuality and sense of style with the emphasis on fit. CemiCeri is always on the lookout for the latest trends and its production is beyond the current trend that will step up your style. We strives to bring you the best trend and carries a respected name that helps you know you are buying good quality at the best price.


Thanks to the support of our devoted customers, we have quickly become a staple in a number of specialty boutiques, chain stores and online boutiques all over the world.

You can find us at all the tradeshows held in the U.S. or visit us at our showroom located in downtown Los Angeles. We are always here to welcome everyone and our sales team is available to help you access our site or when you are in the area.

Thank you for all your supports and feel free to contact us to schedule appointments or if you have any other inquiries.


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